Snowmobiling Safety Rules & Information

Click to download a PDF of the 2010-2015 State of Maine ATV & Snowmobile Laws and Rules.

(American Council of Snowmobile Associations Approved)

Hand Signals
A. Left Turn  – Left arm raised at shoulder height, elbow bent and forearm vertical with palm of hand flat.  (Please Note: In some jurisdictions, the STOP signal may be indicated using the right arm, since the left hand is used for braking.  Snowmobilers should watch out for and be prepared to stop for either signal.)
B. Stop –  Arm raised from the shoulder and extended straight up over the head with palm of hand flat.
C. Right Turn –  Left arm extended straight out from shoulder and pointing in the direction of the turn.
D. Slowing – Left arm extended out and down from the side of the body with a downward flapping motion of hand to signal warning or caution.
E. Last Sled In Line – Release handlebar with left hand, palm of hand flat, slash forearm outward at a 45° downward angle toward the ground repeatedly.
F. Sleds Following – Arm raised, elbow bent, with thumb pointing backward, in hitch-hiking motion move arm forward to backward over your shoulder.
G. Oncoming Sleds –  Left arm raised at shoulder height, elbow bent and forearm vertical, wrist bent, move arm from left to right over head, pointing to right side of trail.


  1. I will be a good sportsman and conservationist. I recognize that people will judge all   snowmobiler’s by my actions. I will use my influence with other snowmobile owners and operators to promote sportsman-like conduct.
  2. I will not litter any trails or areas, nor will I pollute streams or lakes. I will carry out what I carry in.
  3. I will not damage living trees, shrubs or other natural features.
  4. I will respect other peoples’ properties and rights.
  5. I will lend a helping hand when I see someone in need.
  6. I will make myself and my vehicle available to assist in search and rescue operations.
  7. I will not interfere with the activities of other winter sportsmen. I will respect their right to enjoy their recreational activity.
  8. I will know and obey all federal, state or provincial and local rules regulating the operation of snowmobiles in area where I use my vehicle.
  9. I will not harass wildlife.
  10. I will not snowmobile where prohibited.

From the Snowmobiler’s Safety Handbook, page 47, Snowmobile Safety and Certification Committee,Inc. 1995.